Hi everyone,

I go by WickedYoda, I am 38; a husband, and a stay-at-home dad to two teenage boys. In 2015 I was hurt in an accident that left me with chronic pain and medical problems. So, since 2016 I have been at home and not worked. I have been in Information Technology since 2002 with certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, HP, and Dell. I also have my associate’s degree in Applied Sciences, Information Technology with Networking from DeVry University. Always being a work-from-home dad gave me a new light and plenty of time to finally get the college degree I always wanted. I spend my time between my wife, kids, family, and online family. One of my favorite pastimes has always been server hosting; exploring AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure gave me the ability to take things to the next level. So, in my free time, I run web hosting, email, DNS, WordPress, and game servers online. My pet project must be my website “ask for it, it’s my full name so I don’t post it for privacy” and working on a secondary pet project using Nagios and LibreNMS in an AWS EC2 VM and having minions at my customer’s remote sites. I want to use Raspberry Pi4s as minions and have them connect back to the AWS site via OpenVPN when triggered or maintain a secondary connection.

You can also find me playing Skyrim and other games,

PS: wickedwarlock84

Steam: wickedwarlock84 ( or (479512412)

Xbox: wicked84#4444

Open to making friends

PS4- Ark (Hosting two private servers), Rainbow Six, Destiny, Minecraft, and a few others

Steam: Rainbow Six, COD, Among Us

Xbox/PC: Minecraft (bedrock/java)

Android: Pokémon Go (not as often as I used to), Evil Apple

Switch: Mario Cart, Smash Bros, Pokémon Lets Go